Friday, February 10, 2023

The resin elves have been busy

 Here it is
After many years of delay
The Soo Line 36' stock car

From a fabulous set of patterns by Aaron Gjermundson.
Pressure cast resin, injection molded sill steps, custom decals from Black Cat, custom etchings, laser cut running board, Tahoe Model Works Andrews truck frames and a tiny 3D printed brake staff support.

The kit will be on the website sometime next week, $60.00 USD plus postage.

Monday, February 6, 2023

Another Successful Binbrook RPM!

 It's February, which means 2 critical things,
Winter is almost over
And it's time for the Binbrook RPM!
My friend (Hunter Hughson) celebrates his birthday by hosting a group of like minded modelers to his home for a day of trains, food, laughter and comradeship. And if you don't have to drive home that day, Bourbon sours!
This year was the first since the Covid changed our lives, which only made it even more special. Along with the usual suspects, we had people in from Atlantic Canada, Quebec City, and one stalwart pal all the way from North Dakota. So good to see our friends.
The icing on the cake was the next day the distant travelers made their way to St Thomas and we put the layout through it's paces.
My guests all thoroughly enjoyed the experience of operating the Clovis branch. I enjoyed watching the layout do what it was created to do.
Entertain my friends and guests for a few hours.
It's been a very trying year health wise, and certain issues persist, but watching 4 people so thoroughly derive pleasure from my layout lifted my spirits and allowed me to forget, briefly, about my trials.
Thanks guys for making the drive, and Hunter, we'll do it again next year.
This time with Ted and Aaron! And of course the man who designed the layout, Trevor.