Wednesday, February 12, 2020

A sneak peak for you

Here's a peak at what we've been working on at Yarmouth Model Works this winter.

The D&RGW 10'4" IH, 12 panel boxcars.

Shown here are the 3 body masters,
6' door with 4/5 ends
6' door with 3/4 IDE ends
and of course the iconic 15' door variant.
The 6' door kits will be offered with a choice of Apex Tri-Lock, Gypsum or Morton running boards. All of our etched running boards are being redone this spring to correct some minor errors we've discovered and it will be the corrected running boards that will be included.
The 6' door cars will have the choice of either Youngstown or Superior doors.
And we're really excited to announce that we will have created an all new set of Duryea underframe parts.
In conjunction the etched details  currently in production for the underframe, we believe that this will be nicest Duryea underframe yet seen in the resin kit world.
And as usual the kit will include our etched ladders and other details as you would expect from us.
Speedwitch Media is working on the decals for us. And we will be offering the as built scheme, as well as the famous "Cookie Box" scheme.
We are hoping for a mid-summer release date, price is yet to be determined.
If the stars align as they should, I hope to have these for the St Louis RPM.