Monday, December 31, 2018

last one for 2018

This ole classic from Sunshine Models, PRR GS 38' all steel gon.
And that neat large tire load.
This will be the last car built this year, but many more to come next year, I'm sure.
It's been a good year.
Yarmouth Model Works continues to be a success. My products are being well received and we're always looking at new items. There are some exciting new kits looming for 2019.
Stay tuned!
I know I've fallen way behind on custom building work, but I'm hoping that the coming year will allow me to pickup some of that slack.
The new layout continues be a joy. Look for lots of updates as work progresses.
The big goal is to have trains run from one end to the other by this time next year.

Happy New Year everyone!!! :-)

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Not quite "Benchwork in a Day!"

But I'm rather pleased regardless!

The sub-roadbed is all in now through the peninsula.
We now have the foundation for East Fresno, Maltermoro, Las Palmas and Tarpey.

2 solid days of cutting, fitting, leveling and screwing.
Have to get at least another sheet of Homasote for roadbed, but that can wait until the New Year.
Now I have to get ready for the Cocoa Beach RPM

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

A water tank for Friant

Given that Xmas isn't a big deal in this household, I feel it fitting that I complete this kit today.
An American Model Builders kit.
This kit went together very nicely and I'm rewarded with a good looking structure.
It was built without the usual discharge spout since the SP used a water plug between the tracks, a little to the left of this photo.
The roof wash dusted with chalks, while the streaks on the tank proper were done with enamel weathering products.
Now the engines can get a drink and prepare for their return trip to Fresno.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

And that's the thing about Trevor

He makes me look good.
Some pics he took of the layout yesterday

Lots of works in progress.

The Gang of Four hard at it!

Photographic evidence.
And well 3 were very busy.
Trevor seemed to be taking lots o pictures.

Thanks again for the help guys

So this is weird

I can honestly say
I've never seen anything like this
I've been working with resin kits for a very long time now.
The other day a fellow was by showing my 3 passenger car roofs that had warped on him.
I'm not even sure how this could happen

So steps are underway to see if we can get him replacement roofs made.

Extra hands make quick work

From this
to this
In the space of slightly less than 2 hours.
With the kind assistance from some friends, we tore off the old remnants of the Cayuga sub.
It's all in bags or neatly piled in the garage waiting to be taken to the dump.
At the rate this is going, I should be able to have an ops session in less than a year.
oh boy!

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Back in the saddle again

It's been awhile since I've posted anything.
I've been rather busy with work outside of the basement since the Chicagoland RPM, and I don't bounce back from 20 hour work days like I used to.
Add in a little bit of modeling burnout and it's hard to get anything done.
However I can now report that I have been making progress on quite a few projects in the last few weeks.
I finally got the weathering done on these 2 brass cars for a client.

They'll go out in the mail on Monday.

After a delay in getting the decals, both of these new kits from Yarmouth Model Works are finally done.
This will be YMW-107.1. Rebuilt '37 AAR 40' boxcars. Virtually all of the NP fleet of '37 AAR cars were rebuilt with continuous side sills starting in 1957. This will be the first kit to reflect this prototype.

Next is the D&H 40' 50 ton Oneonta built boxcars.
These unique cars were shop built by the D&H, with the signature double weld beads. An attempt to solve the "oil canning" that welded cars experienced, which didn't quite work out.
This kit will include 3 decal variations
After careful consideration, I have decided to go the Prototype Rails RPM, in Cocoa Beach this coming January and it is at that event I'll be releasing the D&H kit.

And I've managed to get work done on the layout as well!

At this time some 2/3rds of the rail for the town of Friant is spiked down. With any luck I should have all of it in place by next weekend and then I can wire it and run some trains ffrom Clovis to Friant.
The turntable of course requires assembly, along with all the little tasks that make up layout construction.
And speaking of next weekend, the middle peninsula that hosted the old St Thomas yard is now ready for the Gang of Four who  will be visiting next Saturday to help me with the last of the heavy work in removing the old layout.
The backdrop will come out, along with all the foam, all the Homasote, etc.
The actual benchwork remains in place and then we can determine actual track alignment for East Fresno,  Maltermoro, Las Palmas and Tarpey.
This is going to be fun, and just before Xmas!
And , finally I've been preparing for yet another foray into the Trainmasters TV studio, just before Xmas.
If you've not yet had a look at Trainmasters TV, give it a try. You'll be pleasantly surprised.
Okay, back to work for this guy!