Saturday, December 8, 2018

Back in the saddle again

It's been awhile since I've posted anything.
I've been rather busy with work outside of the basement since the Chicagoland RPM, and I don't bounce back from 20 hour work days like I used to.
Add in a little bit of modeling burnout and it's hard to get anything done.
However I can now report that I have been making progress on quite a few projects in the last few weeks.
I finally got the weathering done on these 2 brass cars for a client.

They'll go out in the mail on Monday.

After a delay in getting the decals, both of these new kits from Yarmouth Model Works are finally done.
This will be YMW-107.1. Rebuilt '37 AAR 40' boxcars. Virtually all of the NP fleet of '37 AAR cars were rebuilt with continuous side sills starting in 1957. This will be the first kit to reflect this prototype.

Next is the D&H 40' 50 ton Oneonta built boxcars.
These unique cars were shop built by the D&H, with the signature double weld beads. An attempt to solve the "oil canning" that welded cars experienced, which didn't quite work out.
This kit will include 3 decal variations
After careful consideration, I have decided to go the Prototype Rails RPM, in Cocoa Beach this coming January and it is at that event I'll be releasing the D&H kit.

And I've managed to get work done on the layout as well!

At this time some 2/3rds of the rail for the town of Friant is spiked down. With any luck I should have all of it in place by next weekend and then I can wire it and run some trains ffrom Clovis to Friant.
The turntable of course requires assembly, along with all the little tasks that make up layout construction.
And speaking of next weekend, the middle peninsula that hosted the old St Thomas yard is now ready for the Gang of Four who  will be visiting next Saturday to help me with the last of the heavy work in removing the old layout.
The backdrop will come out, along with all the foam, all the Homasote, etc.
The actual benchwork remains in place and then we can determine actual track alignment for East Fresno,  Maltermoro, Las Palmas and Tarpey.
This is going to be fun, and just before Xmas!
And , finally I've been preparing for yet another foray into the Trainmasters TV studio, just before Xmas.
If you've not yet had a look at Trainmasters TV, give it a try. You'll be pleasantly surprised.
Okay, back to work for this guy!

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