Sunday, June 24, 2018

A station for Clovis

What better way to spend a rainy Sunday, than to finish a structure for the layout?
In this case it's an American Model Builders, laser cut kit of a Southern Pacific Type 23 Depot.
While it's not a 100% accurate model of the actual station that was in Clovis, it's close enough for me.

The kit went together like a dream and the option to use the accurate colours offered by Tru-Color, made painting an easy task. I primed all the parts with Tamiya Fine Surface Primer and then airbrushed the appropriate colours. Once the paint was dry assembly was a breeze.
All the parts fit as intended. Laser cut kits have proven to be a real boon to the hobby. I know I have a few more to build before this layout is complete.
I'll add a little ground cover and a train order board to complete the scene.
The only real decision left is whether or not to animate the train order board.