Thursday, March 17, 2022

Some new stuff for spring

 To complement the 10'0" IH and 10"6" IH boxcar shells we've recently released, we now have added 5 new ends.
They are;

YMW 2140, 4/5 W corner 10'0 IH

YMW-2142, 5/5 W corner 10'6"IH

YMW-2144, 4/4 IDE 10'6" IH

YMW-2137, 4/5 Sq corner 10'0" IH

YMW-2151, ACF Carbuilder 10'6"IH

All ends are $7.00 a pair and are now available

Soon we will be releasing a number of additions to our sill step offerings, 2 rung sill steps in a variety of configurations. Just waiting on supply chain issues to resolve themselves