Sunday, December 24, 2023

Stop the Presses

 More like stop the model making.

Overnight it was pointed out to me that the domes on the winecar look out of proportion to the prototype photo.

And I realized that the individual was right.
The model domes are far too large.
I had been sent dimensions that are now clearly incorrect.
I had been told the domes were 48" in diameter, but I now believe that they are closer to 40".
An object lesson in tunnel vision. We were so excited to have figured out the underframe along with finding a feature in Solidworks that allowed us to make the dome collars in 5 minutes, that we didn't see what was right in front of our faces.

So it's a couple of steps back and try again
If it were easy, everyone would be doing it!

Saturday, December 23, 2023

Things to look forward to in 2024

 2023 has been a good year.
The arrangement with Modelu has worked out very well, lots of people enjoying what are the finest figures on the market these days. We had a couple of minor glitches with the ordering process between myself and Modelu, but we've figured that all out now. I am astonished that some websites really don't like certain web-browsers. Add it to the list of things I don't understand.

We have a number of projects that we're working on which should be ready sometime in the coming year

Helium tank car

We've been working for a couple of years now on this, refining the etchings and the 3D printed pattern parts. It's now nearing the finish line.
The kit will consist of cast resin components, along with photoetched overlays and detail parts, and laser cut running boards. It will also include 3D printed 100 ton trucks. Some modeling skills will be required to build this model, but if we've done it right it will not be overwhelming.

Reading 50' stretched boxcars
These are a curious but seriously cool project. In the mid 60s, the Reading took their ACF built 40' boxcars and cut them apart and made them into 50' cars. They added 3 diagonal roof panels into the middle of the ACF proprietary roof, as well as side sill reinforcements and a couple of door sizes.

We're looking at 2-3 variants to offer of this car. One thing we're going to try, is to take a page from the military modeling world and create a paint mask for the Reading banner, rather than give the modeler and large awkward decal to wrestle with.

NYC lot 858

The only 40' cars built for the NYC that used the distinctive Despatch Shops roof and ends.
Inspired by an article Seth Lakin, we've created a one piece resin body casting for this kit and it will include all the usual etched details that you've come to expect from Yarmouth Model Works.
National Scale Car is working up the decals for us

Northern Pacific 90000 reefer

Working with Aaron Gjermundson, we're creating a all new one piece body kit for this wood sheathed reefer.
Along with resin body parts there will be the usual etched details and custom decals for this model

CNR wood sheathed reefer
Along the same lines of the NP reefer, we are working on a new one piece body for this car
Black decals will be part of this offering 

And the one I'm really excited about
GATC 6 compartment wine tankcar
With the help of Frank Hodina( who provided the type 30 bolster) and Ryan Mendell( machining genius) we are close to be ready to release this kit
A must have for anyone modeling traffic from California
We will be offering this kit with 3-4 different decal options

So lots going on, as well as other projects in the wings.
So my thanks to all who have supported me over the years.
We'll keep working on creating high quality resin kits for a few years yet to come
Enjoy your holidays and have a great 2024