Friday, August 16, 2019

For Aaron

Cause he's bored at work and needs inspiration.

The evolution of a small dry ditch.
Perfecting my static grass technique
Details to come

Friday, August 9, 2019

New kits for the fall of 2019

Here's a few of the HO scale scale resin kits we're working on here at Yarmouth Model Works.
We're projecting a release of these kits at the Chicagoland RPM in Oct.

First up.
What I expect to be the last in our series of postwar ACF built cars.

Reading 107500-108499, 1000 cars built in 2 lots. 12 panel welded sides with ACF roof and ACF corrugated end.

Rock Island 23000-23999, 1000 cars. 12 panel welded sides, 6' door, Carbuilder end and ACF roof

And then there's these cars, which we're very excited about.
The N&W B-5 boxcars
Love those massive side sills
These cars were built in 2 lots, 48000 – 48999 has the square panel peaked roof, while the 49500 – 49999 has the rounded roof with recessed end panel and internal car lines.
We will be offering both versions. We will be including Buckeye Cushion trucks in these kits.

All these kits will include the quality castings and etched details, etc, that you've come to expect from Yarmouth Model Works.
Retail price to be determined.
And we'll have a surprise kit for you NP fans.
Back to the kit making!