Saturday, September 22, 2018

I'd like to change my tune a little

For years now I've said that while some swear by acrylics, I swear at them.
I'd like to say now that in some circumstances that is no longer the case.
In the last year or so, I've come to use certain acrylic paints more and more, with more and more success.
Take this fence for example;
With a base coat of woodish tan, a white top coat and a black wash for weathering, this fencing would have taken days to be ready to install.
Instead I used Tamiya Wooden Deck Tan as a base, and Flat White over top.
The acrylics dry so quickly that I could paint all the fence panels with the base and then come back immediately and overspray with the white, mind you I have 16 actual feet of this fencing. It's the Central Valley wooden board fencing, btw.
A quick wash with india ink in alcohol and the fences are ready to install.
I'll be using more acrylics as work on the layout progresses, but I'm still not ready to use them on resin.

Well that's one done!

Pilot model for the 25th anniversary freight car kit is finally done!
10 of this design were built by AC&F to replace cars that were wrecked.
The kits will be for sale at the Chicagoland RPM next month.
We're still working on
AC&F built boxcar for C&EI
AC&F built boxcar for M-K-T
D&H Oneonta kit boxcars
NP modified side sill AAR boxcar
CNR 8' door with PS-1 roof and NSC-3 end
So many models, so little time.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Playing in the dirt

As I've mentioned in a previous post,, the ground cover in the area I'm modeling takes a little effort to get looking right.
The dirt in the area has a decidedly grey colour.
Not something you see alot in the scenery supplies, so I've taken to painting the initial dirt cover to get things closer to the tones I'm seeing.
Freshly applied Scenic Express Fine dirt.
First pass with Tamiya XF-78 wooden deck tan
2nd pass with Tamiya XF-57 buff
3rd pass with Tamiya XF-55 deck tan
the final result is a ground cover that has hints of browns through a decidedly grey colour.
Now I can come back and add weeds, etc.
That'll be for another day

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Bloody brilliant!

I've built hundreds of Westerfield kits over the years.
And for the most part I've enjoyed them.
One of the challenges was the roof "truss" that you had to create with a resin ridge pole and 5-6 "rafter" type castings, to support the roof panels. If you've ever built a Westerfield kit, you'll know of what I speak.
For some the creation of the truss arrangement was a major hurdle. For me it was just another fiddly thing to deal with.
Well since Andrew Dahm purchased Westerfield Models, one of the things he did was create a cast one piece roof supporting structure.
Today I finally had the chance to work with this creation.
Quick, easy. And it squares the car body up.
Thanks Andrew for making my day a little easier

Sunday, September 2, 2018

What else does one do on a long weekend?

But finish up 48' of backdrop.
Using my preferred technique of pine frames and 0.060" thick styrene, I got backdrop up and painted over the last few days.

The painting makes for a nice change of pace while working on other projects.
As I sit back and admire this bit of work, I'm really happy that I listened to my friend the scenic artist about colour.
These colour choices really do better convey the feel I'm going for in this layout!
Mind you the actual names on the colour chip are a tad suspect.
The light colour is called "Wings of a Dove"
And the darker colour is "Awakening"
And people get paid to come up with this stuff!

Friday, August 31, 2018

25th Anniversary Chicago RPM kit

It's been know by a few names,
What ever you want to call it, it's the grand daddy of the RPM movement and its 25 years old this year.
In honour of this milestone, Yarmouth Model Works has decided upon a resin freight car model to mark the occasion.
ITC's ACF built postwar 40' boxcar.
There were only 10 of these built for the railroad, but we feel that this is an appropriate car for the occasion. The locale is certainly right!
The kit will feature all the things you've come to expect from Yarmouth Model Works, etchings, one piece body, custom decals, and Kato trucks.
The kit will retail for $60.00 USD and will be available at the RPM first and then online.

Thursday, August 30, 2018


So it would seem that at some point, maybe a year or more ago, something changed in the "Blogger" software I use for this blog.
I was no longer getting notification of comments waiting to be approved for publishing on the blog.
Today while poking around trying to solve another problem I found all the comments, and have only just now "approved" them all and they are up on the blog now.

So I'm sorry if you felt ignored or otherwise slighted. Just me being ignorant of the nuances of the software.