Sunday, January 9, 2022

Another Blast from the Past

 I've just had the enormous pleasure of completing 4 very old Storzek kits

These kits were originally manufactured back in 1985! The pattern work is has good as anything we've seen since.
Mind you they are the old metal filled epoxy castings, which are the killers of drill bits, but the detail is fantastic.
The only real concern I had was with the old dry decals, which is where Microscale Liquid Decal film comes to the rescue. The decals will coated with a layer of the film and left to dry. NO splitting or shattering of the decals as a result. Phew.

The DSS&A yellow and red scheme for Merchandise Service is quite striking. Until these were sent to me to build I had no idea of these cars.
So yeah, they were fun to build and finish. Nice way to start the year.
And even after all these decades, we can still say, "Well done Mr Storzek"

Tuesday, January 4, 2022

The first new items for 2022

 One of the realities of the current manufacturing thinking in the world of model trains, is that undecorated kits don't seem to be worth the effort for the big guys to bother with anymore.
Which is a real frustration for those of us who actually like to build models, as opposed to opening a box and plonking it down on the tracks.
One of the fun things to do is recreate freight cars that have subtle variations from the more common cars, which is where "Mini-kits" come in and other after market parts.
The trial now is finding base kits which one can modify to use for these "mini-kit" projects.
Which is where these new items come in
We are now offering 4 body shells from which one can build those " mini-kits

The first 4 body shells offered are 40' long.

Part #B-10'0 D  10 Panel, 10'0" Boxcar with Diagonal Panel roof

Part #B-10'0 S  10 Panel, 10'0" Boxcar with square panel roof

Part #B-10'6 D  10 Panel, 10'6" Boxcar with diagonal panel roof

Part #B-10'6 S   10 Panel, 10'6" Boxcar with square panel roof

Each kit comes with doors and crossbearers and crossties, but no ends,.
Each retails for $25.00 USD.
Due to the vagaries of the Paypal web system, we can't link the accurate postal rates for all possible purchase situations, so an additional invoice for postage may come to you afterwards.
If these are successful other boxcar options may become available

Tuesday, December 7, 2021

In the works

 It seems that some of the jungle drums, rumour mill, etc, have been speculating, incorrectly, about an upcoming set of kits from Yarmouth Model Works
So I feel the need to set the record straight.
Along with a few other things, we are well into the D&RGW stock cars kits
We are planning 4 kits

36000-36099 Double deck car

36100-36199 Double deck stock car

39100-39199 single deck stock car

single deck stock car 

 The patterns are well underway, and a release in the spring of 2022 is hoped for
And hopefully no further serious interruptions to our supply chains.

Sunday, October 10, 2021


 I was reminded the other day that it has been 10 years this month that I have been manufacturing HO and other scales resin freight car kits.
It was 10 years ago that Aaron showed me the pattern for the Wabash stock car that he'd been working on, and after very brief consideration I decided to make the leap and market resin kits. And I'm glad I did!

So far it has been over 35 kits including variations and S scale an O scale offerings. Lessons have been learned and changes have occurred.
Over the years I've used 4 different casters, with varying results, before the loss of my other income stream was ended by Covid. So I've learned the fine art of resin casting and can now say with confidence that many of the previous issues with castings are now a thing of the past.
I'm using a harder resin which cures much slower, which reduces stress on the molds and reduces warpage of finished castings. Given that I'm not trying to crank out dozens of castings a day, the slow cure time is not a concern for me.
I learned the hard way that consistency of mixing is critical. I had some issues with some of the X31f body and floor castings. Sticky surfaces and weird bubbles arising days after demolding. I realized that I wasn't doing a proper job mixing the resin, so now with stop watch in hand, it's 2 full minutes of vigorous stirring before pouring.

Subtle changes in which material to etch certain parts has occurred. While brass is easy to bend, it's not a great choice for sill steps, so that ended fairly quickly.

We have done a fair amount of work with 3D printing for both masters and certain detail parts, and will continue to do so. But we have found that in some respects it's easier in the long run to hand make car side body patterns. If for no other reason than to eliminate the need to sand away the print lines.
Printer technology is getting better everyday, but print lines are going to be with us for awhile yet.

The disruptions to global supply chains is impacting Yarmouth Model Works as well. There are major delays from my etcher in Germany. I can't get Kato ASF A-3 trucks. Mail in North America is still chaotic. And worst of all, I can't get to RPMs as yet. The land border is still closed to travelers.
But through all that work continues as best as we can.

New projects are under way as well as, (are you sitting down?) after 10 years the Soo Line stock car pattern is almost done!

It is hoped that this kit and a couple of others will be ready for the Indy Junction RPM and NMRA show next May.
Fingers crossed.

So a heart felt thanks to the hard working people in my supply chain and giant thank you to everyone who has supported me with the purchases and words of support.

Sunday, September 5, 2021


 From time to time, I'm asked to paint brass rolling stock. Particularly O scale brass cars.
And man, there are some nice offerings out there!
So I don't mind taking on the task, except for one pesky detail. Getting the factory clear coat off.
Soaking in lacquer thinner is the way to go. Immerse the model for a day or day and the stuff floats away.
The trick is finding a sealable container, large enough for an O scale car and either metal or glass, so as to be impervious to the lacquer thinner. And sealable so that the fumes don't overwhelm the garage.
Yesterday I went to 4 different stores searching for an appropriate container to no avail.
When I got home I noticed that my neighbour was having a yard sale so I wandered over just for fun and voila, there was the answer.
A large glass vase, that may have been marketed originally for storing dry macaroni or some such with a cork plug. The plug was missing, but that was easy to solve.

As  you can see, lots of room for an O scale 40' boxcar.
It takes 2 gallons of lacquer thinner to fill.
Sealing was easy
Tinfoil and a rubber band

So that now sits in the garage and the lacquer thinner does it's magic, and I can still move around in the garage without inhaling the fumes.
I am pleased!
Just in time, there are 4 more brass cars to strip.

Thursday, September 2, 2021

Delightfully astonished!

 Nothing like a success to make ones day.

The initial production run of our O scale PRR X31f has sold out. In a little over a week!
Not to worry
More are coming.
I am running another 20 kits.
It will take about a month for all the required items to be rounded up.
If you have yet to order and still want one, let me know

Thanks to everyone so far for their support.
Now to decide what the next O scale offering will be

Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Our first O scale kit!

 Now ready for sale
The O scale PRR X31f

 The kit features;
A one piece body casting, with the iconic roof having been rendered in 3D
Laser cut running boards
Etched ladders, sill steps and other key details
San Juan Car Co injection modeled brake parts
Custom Decals from National Scale Car

The kit retails for $165.00 plus postage
Currently there are only 46 kits available.
More if demand warrants.

Correct P48 or O scale gauge trucks can be had from either Protocraft or Rich Yoder