Wednesday, August 31, 2022

Well that got your attention

 I'm delighted with the initial support and praise from the community regarding the acquisition of the X79 and G47 models
It bodes well for the future.
The G41 coil car will be considered if sales of the first 2 cars achieve a certain threshold.
This is not an inexpensive undertaking and with inflation and a potential recession I don't have a lot of room for uncertainty.
As far as the rest of the product line, covered hoppers, X58, etc, is concerned, I see no potential for that
The cars have either been offered in RTR or are about to be.
As always none of this happens without ongoing support from the modeling community and I thank you for your support

Monday, August 29, 2022

It's official!

 Yarmouth Model Works has acquired the masters, artwork, and manufacturing rights for the Rail Yard Models X79 boxcar and the G47 gondola.

Work has already begun on recreating the decals and etchings, and new molds have been started
Exact release date is unknown at this time. But we're hoping within a few months
Be sure to tell your friends

Friday, July 15, 2022

Ready for the St Louis RPM

 Here are the 4 new kits that will be available at the St Louis RPM at the end of the month

39100-39199 single deck stock car
single deck, wood r/b, Duryea underframe

single deck stock car
Single deck, Apex r/b, Duryea underframe

36000-36099 Double deck car
Double deck, Wood r/b, Duryea underframe

36100-36199 Double deck stock car
Double deck, wood r/b, AAR underframe
The kits are pressure cast resin with etched, laser cut, 3D printed and plastic detail parts. Decals are custom decals from Black Cat Publishing, and TMW trucks are included
They will be on the website hopefully by the end of the month

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

A major life decision

 Nothing like a cancer diagnosis to get one to reappraise one's life direction.
At the beginning of the year I was diagnosed with Prostate cancer. 5 weeks ago I had robotic surgery to remove the offending bit. And all went very well. Almost fully recovered.
Massive thanks to all the medical people who were with me through the process. You guys are stars, all while in the middle of a 6th Covid wave.
A cancer diagnosis has a way of slamming home the point that this life adventure is very much finite.
As a result I have decided that I will be phasing out the custom building aspect of my business.
I have a ton of things I want to do for me
I will no longer be accepting new commissions effective immediately and hope to have the existing commissions done within a year.
Kits and detail parts will continue for the foreseeable future.

My thanks to all those who entrusted me with their resin kits over the years.
It has been fun, mostly. 😏

Friday, April 15, 2022

When it looks this good...

 You just have to share.
These are photos of our Armour Reefer, just completed by George Toman.
What can I say? He makes me look good.
Great work bringing these to life George.
Thanks for sharing

This kit is still available, btw.

Thursday, April 14, 2022

Progress on Tulare Ave

 With prostate surgery looming next week, I've been focusing on the layout and some personal projects this week.
I've been able to make really good progress on the first row of houses along the north side of Tulare Ave.

While the houses are not "California" style, they fill in the space and help tell the story. Street running along Tulare Ave. Once fences, hedges and static grass goes, the space will be busy enough to distract from specifics.
There will be another row of houses on the other side of the street as well, and with that, the scene, which is the first thing you see when visiting will be quite striking.
The house colours were chosen from an neat online site I found showing 50s era house colours
5 of the houses are laser cut kits that were once offered by Southern Car & Foundry. They are some of the nicest designed house kits I've encountered. They went together like a dream and the architecture is stunning.
Bug Jon to get those back on the market.

With surgery next week, I will not be at the Indy RPM, but fully expect to be at the NE RPM and St Louis.
See you there