Saturday, May 11, 2024

Well I'm excited...

 I hope you are too.
It's finally done.

From this,

To this,

It's taken over 7 years and many iterations to get to this point, but this model is done!

I expect that the kit will be released for sale at the St Louis RPM in July, and then it'll be on the website.
And I'm pleased to report that the model went together with even less effort than I was anticipating. Careful, thoughtful design pays off in the long run.

A huge thank you goes out to Peter Aue, Rob Kirkham and Ryan Mendell for all their invaluable assistance is getting this idea over the finish line. Could not of done it without them.

And for fun, this photo was arguably the most useful photo I found in figuring out this model


loren casey said...

a lot of work just to design that kit Pierre!

Steve Sandifer said...

Which version of the car will it be - they had a number of runs.
Do you have a price point yet?

Al Brown said...

Looks like fun. I'll try it!

Anonymous said...

And, is there a possibility of this prototype being released in O scale?

Pierre Oliver said...

O scale, no

It's the GATX 3rd generation version