Sunday, January 5, 2020

Pierre's New Years Levee!

So a couple of days later, but who's counting?
Jan 4, 2020, I had 4 friends come over to run the layout in it's fullness. At least as full as it is right now. There is still the Pinedale branch to build, likely this summer.
The plan was to run 2 trains, the regular daily way freight and a reefer block extra.
Gerry, Robin(AKA Mr Murder), Trevor and Stephan all had accepted the invite, so I got to sit back and observe and revel in their joy of running the layout. And the layout performed brilliantly. The operating concept was proven to be a solid one. I foresee many years of operating pleasure out of this layout.
And while it is now in full running mode, there is still much to be done. Many more structures to build as well as orchards and vineyards. But with it now running I can ease back a touch and enjoy the efforts of the last 2 years.
Stephan has posted a few short videos on Youtube
And here's a selection of stills from the day

It's been a very long time since I've had an operating layout, and I'm so pleased with this concept and design. Thanks so much to Trevor for dropping this idea into my lap and thanks to the guys for coming out and bringing the dream to life.

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

New Years Day 2020

What better way to pass the day than working on the layout?
Or more precisely, styrene cores for 3 structures for Clovis.
First up, Clovis Lumber Co.
I don't recall how I found this image, but I was super pumped when I did.
This being the warehouse for the company and the tracks would have been to the left in this photo and the photographer standing on 3rd St.
I built the core out of 0.060" styrene and will overlay scribed siding once it's delivered. The plan is to affix the wood using industrial transfer tape, which is a high end double sided tape.
The roof will be some form of metal, likely a standing seam style.

The other 2 cores are for the Superior Granite Co.
These 2 are an educated guess, based upon the Sanborn map and aerial photos I've found online. Both will be sheathed in corrugated metal and standing seam roof material. The 2 walls facing each other will have large rolling doors added, thus no window openings.
The concrete bases is simply 1/2" MDF cut to size, the edges sealed with sanding sealer and painted "Old concrete".
Short of finding oblique aerial photos of Clovis, this is as best a guess as I'm going to make on this.
I've had no luck yet finding online oblique views of the area from the '50s. Feel free to let me know if you know where to find this resource.
I'm now ready as I'll ever be for Saturday and the first full ops session with a few friends. 2 trains out and back switching most of the entire layout.
It's gonna be fun!