Thursday, August 12, 2021

New kit from Yarmouth Model Works

 In spite of COVID 19s best efforts we've managed to get this new kit ready for sale as of today

The ACF built Armour reefer

This was the only reefer built with the unique AC&F Proprietary roof design, and using modern CAD and 3D printing resources we've manged to accurately reproduce the roof and other details of this reefer.
2000 were built in mid 1947
The kit features a one piece resin cast body, custom etchings, 3D printed parts and decals from Black Cat publishing.
The kit sells for $60.00 USD, less trucks and couplers
Now available through the website


quantumpaul said...

Were these cars limited to certain parts of the country? Or were they found nationwide?

Pierre Oliver said...

As far as I know, they could have been most anywhere, but I could be wrong

Anonymous said...

quantumpaul, they were interchanged. They're documented in various NYC consists routed to places like New York City, Boston, Buffalo, etc.