Saturday, December 22, 2012

Roof, Windows and Chutes, Oh My!

The hobby shop called, the other 2 Tichy coal chutes came in. So I could now build the 4 discharge chutes and frames. The design is a crossblend of the Tichy chutes and the original design. A compromise I can live with.
The chutes still require counterweights and rope supports. There are walkways at each front corner and ladders for access to build. But for now it will rest in it's location.
I have to do a little landscaping around the rear before I can add the covered unloading section. All in good time.
It's stand back and admire time for now.


Trevor said...

Looks great, Pierre!
What's next on the structure list?

Pierre Oliver said...

I'm not sure. So many to chose from.
The condensed milk plant in Aylmer. I have 5 stations to build as well.
Hard to say.
Stay tuned

Anonymous said...

Nice work Pierre. Do you have any photos of the actual coal dock to put up on the blog?
- Hunter

Pierre Oliver said...

There's one here,

And I'll put more up when the model's complete.

roof windows said...

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