Sunday, January 20, 2013

This is what it's all about

I had a few of the gang over yesterday to work on the layout. More on that later.
My good friend, Trevor Marshall was in attendance, bringing his usual offbeat sense of humour and his myriad of modeling talents. And a little treat for me.
He had in his hand an HO scale model of a tobacco kiln he'd scratchbuilt for me to use on my layout. The plan is actually to 5 of these, side by each, just outside of Delhi.
And when he's done my 5 he's going to build 5 in S scale for his layout. You can follow Trevor's adventures on his blog.
This morning, I was thinking about the previous days accomplishments and was struck by something. This hobby of ours is somewhat unique. Much of what we do in our basements, attics, garages, spare rooms, etc, are solitary pursuits. I've no doubt that most if not all of our significant others, at one time or another, complain about the amount of time we spend in our miniature worlds. And yet, as yesterday's accomplishments demonstrate, we would accomplish far less without the input and assistance of others. Whether it be friends coming over to help build the layout and eventually run the thing, or strangers on the internet sharing data and ideas that help us over the hurdles we put in front of our selves, we are indebted to the myriad of people who have helped us along the way.
Model Railroading may be fun, but the camaraderie is really what makes it work for me.

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