Thursday, September 26, 2013

You'd think that by now,

I'd instinctively know where brake parts go.
Having built over 1000 resin kits to date, placement of components should be second nature. But apparently  not.
So there I was feeling pleased as punch with myself. All the etched parts are fitting just as I'd hoped. The A frames for the brake levers are working out exactly as designed. Everything's looking delightful.
All the photos for the instructions have been taken and the car is ready for paint.
As I'm starting to spray color onto the car I get this odd feeling that something's not right.
Palm to forehead moment. I've put the brake parts on the wrong side of the car. Dooh!
Fortunately it's an easy fix. I finished painting the car, tomorrow I'll move the brake parts to where they belong. Take new pictures and move forward some more.
Silly me.

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