Monday, January 27, 2014

Post Springfield

Home after another successful trip to Amherst Railway Society Hobby Show. The drive home was a bit of an adventure weather wise. Between Utica and Syracuse New York a large snow squall descended making the roads adventurous and once through that high winds were the order of the day across the rest of New York state.
I had a good 2 days at the show. Met up with a good number of old friends and got to meet a few souls I've tried to meet for some time. I can now put a face to Don Valentine of New England Rail Service and Bob Van Gelder of South River Model Works, to name two.
It's always astonishing to me how far people will travel for this event. Eight people came in from Calgary, Alberta for this show. Including my old friend Monty, whom I worked with 30 years ago. Nothing quite like looking at someone and knowing you should recognize them but can't quite connect all the dots.
21,000 people went through the gates in 2 days. Those numbers stagger me. Sadly, as a dealer I can't ever take it all in.
But the highlight for me will remain the dinner on Sunday night at the Student Prince restaurant. Excellent food and even better company with the "Dead Railway Society". Comradeship and lots of belly laughs. Does it get any better than that? Don't think so.
If my work schedule permits I'll be back next year. If you haven't been there yet try and get there. It is worth the trip.


Ted DiIorio said...

Hi Pierre,

It was nice to meet you at Springfield! The show is always great and I look forward to going each year. Hopefully you didn't bring home the "Springfield Plague" like I did again this year. Even with copious amounts of hand sanitizer it still managed to get me. I guess that's a chance you take when you spend two days at a show that draws 21,000 plus each year. Hopefully we'll see you there again next year. :)

Pierre Oliver said...

Good to meet you as well.
If the arena doesn't schedule a major show for the weekend next year, I'll be there.
I did, however, have a bit of a tummy issue on the drive home Monday. Need to find a better breakfast place I think. No fun driving on a gyppy tummy through a snow storm.