Friday, March 21, 2014

A better mouse trap

Etching folding tool actually, but you'll get the point shortly.
My old Mission Models Etch-Mate is in the bin.
The plastic fold assist tools broke again at the edge. Third set of these in 3 years. Enough!
Mission Models appears to be out of business, so a search was done looking for a replacement tool.
Good ole Goggle to the rescue.
I found these guys, . They market a number of folding tools and other delightful things for modelers. After some consideration I selected the 4" work station, SMS003 Photo Etch Bending Tool 4" Mk IV RTH Hold & Fold

There was a little delay in shipping, since they were currently making more of these tools when I called, but I now have the tool and I'm very pleased.
Carefully machined from anodized aircraft grade aluminum, this tool shows careful and clever design and execution. The clamp head can be rotated 180 degrees if need be, and for long thin folded pieces, the head and the base are the same dimension, which means you can fold against the outside edges.
This is perfect for folding my etched ladder stiles.
I would urge anyone who plans to do any etching folding to consider purchasing this American made tool. This kind of quality is becoming a rare thing these days.

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