Wednesday, April 16, 2014


I know what you're thinking. Cupolas!? Big, fat hairy deal. What's the fuss.
Well I'll tell you.
As I mentioned is a previous post I was missing a pair of cupola ends. I went to my friend Clare Gilbert of Sylvan Scale Models to get replacements made. Initially I was told that it would be Thursday or Friday, given how busy he is. Imagine my delight when Clare emailed me last evening and told me my parts were ready.
I drove the 45 minutes to his place this morning, bright and early. Came home and assembled the cupolas and added the railings. Tomorrow I have a few details to add and then I can fling paint at these babies.
It is this kind of helpfulness from a fellow manufacturer that helps restore my faith in humanity. With a few notable exceptions I have found that the small model train manufacturers are ridiculously generous with their time. Since the inception of both Elgin Car Shops and Yarmouth Model Works, I have worked with and been helped out by so many people. And there's no way I could realistically repay them for their kindnesses, except to mention them here from time to time.

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