Saturday, August 30, 2014

At long last

A digital set of drawings of my layout's trackplan.
Just spent a day in Toronto with my good friend Trevor, used his computer wizardry to create a digital version of my trackplan.
The final motivation for this is the presentation I'll be doing in October at the RPM in Lisle/Naperville . It's been kinda overdue.
At any rate, here it is;

The graph paper squares represent 6". The standard radius is 30". The distance between the levels is about 16". There's about 2 scale miles of main. Not a lot but it allows me to do what I wanted, run lots of through trains. The track arrangements in the towns was derived from CNR track charts, CNR survey maps and from visiting the towns that still have rail service.
Now to build the rest of the presentation.

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Trevor said...

Always a fun time, Pierre and I'm glad I could help turn your plan into something that others can enjoy, too. It's a fun layout for train running - and train watching.
- Trevor