Thursday, October 23, 2014

More new parts from Yarmouth Model Works

In the ongoing effort to offer better detail parts, I'm pleased to offer these new parts.
6 etched stirrups and 2 etched running board styles.
 YMW-206 Branchline Postwar 40' boxcars. Will do 4 cars
 YMW-207 P2K 50' Autocars Will do 4 cars
 YMW-208 P2K Mill gon  Will do 4 cars
 YMW-209 Red Caboose X29 Will do 4 cars
 YMW-215 Intermountain SFRD reefers, includes hatch rests. Will do 2 cars
 YMW-216 Curved leg face mount stirrups. Will do 4 cars.
 YMW-250 40' Apex Tri-Lock with brake step
 YMW-251 40' US Gypsum with brake step

These are currently in inventory. More styles of running boards are forthcoming.
Ordering information is on the website,

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