Monday, December 15, 2014

Where do they all come from?

Well, you have a Mommy boxcar and a Daddy boxcar and they love each other very much...

I've spent 8 hours now packing freight cars away for the impending move.

Trying to make order out of the chaos. Good thing I kept all those kit boxes over the years. Many feet of bubble wrap is in order as well.

2/3rds of the way through. In the end the assembled rolling stock and locos filled 7 cartons and both of those touring boxes you see in the foreground that hold those awesome Plano boxes. 8 40' cars fit perfectly in them. Go see your pals at Walmart in the fishing tackle section.
Tomorrow we start on the kits. Just mine that is. Customer kits will not be touched for some time yet. I suspect that I'm in for 2 cartons of kits.
I have way too much stuff.
Bonus round, I found a few things I'd forgotten about. And a few things that really should go.
Whose idea was this anyway?

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wmdewar said...

Good luck with packing and moving Pierre, having moved 18 months ago, I know your challenge. Hope you get a good jump on rebuilding, I continue to be stalled with my own rebuild, but then I have two other railways to work on elsewhere.
Bill Dewar