Friday, June 26, 2015

How do you spell "Tedious"?

With my options for activities severely restricted while the toe heals, I took care of very tedious but very important job today.
We went from a stack of decal sheets like this;
To the paper cutter;
And then into plastic baggies;
Now the decals will fit into the kit boxes.
250 sheets sliced up with 3 cuts each, one sheet at a time. Hours of fun.
I decided some time ago, that rather than try to create a multitude of kits with the variety of slogans that the ATSF used on these cars, I would include one decal sheet that covered off all options. Modelers will be able to use surplus decals for other ATSF projects.
The ATSF kit will be offered as 3 different kits.
105.1 Bx-48, 50, 51. Square panel roof and Apex running boards
105.2 Bx-53, 60, 62 Diagonal panel roof and Apex running boards
105.3 Bx-63             Diagonal panel roof and USG running boards
I'm hoping to have kits in time for the St Louis RPM, otherwise it'll be Naperville.

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Shop Foreman said...

Yeah, I've done that too, it's a long process once I've got the decals cut I generally stuff the bags while watching TV.