Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Teeny, Tiny

After a brutal 13 hour drive home from a very successful RPM in St Louis, I felt that a little me time was in order.
With the plan being to feature the St Thomas yard in the new layout, it was clear that I needed a "Tilley".
Tilley is, (she's still running at the Elgin County Railway Museum), the little 43 tonner that was purchased by the Wabash for switching duties in the yard.
The closest model out there is the Bachmann 45 tonner. Though there are many detail differences, the salient features are there for. It's tiny, centre cab, side rod connected drivers.
I bough one online, painted it black. Added lettering and then today I installed the decoder and speaker.
Yes that's a quarter in the foreground. The Loksound decoder just fit in the space provided, and check this out.
The clever souls at Bachmann provided space for a 1/2" dia speaker.
All it needs now is a little paint touch up and some weathering.
Oh and a layout to run her on.


Trevor said...

Nice work. Have you grabbed a piece of flex track and run it yet? I want video!

Pierre Oliver said...

Another reason for you to come down here with your video camera