Sunday, May 15, 2016

Some of my favorite bits of scenery

As I've said already, the quality of work that one sees on Fremo modules is remarkable.
The Europeans seem to be slightly ahead of us on this side of the pond when comes to the variety of scenery materials available to the modeler. Now Scenic Express is working very hard to fill that gap, to which I'm very grateful.
I've chosen a selection of some of my favorite scenes to share with you, that may help inspire you in your own efforts. I know I'm thinking had about my processes as a result of these images.

Later I'll share images from the other Fremo meet we attended, which has some really nice scenery as well.


Chris Ellis said...

Wow! Awesome stuff, very inspiring. Thanks for sharing your photos from your trip.

Trevor said...

Great looking scenery!
As you point out, it isn't that we CAN'T do this in North America - we have access to the same materials, through companies like Scenic Express. It's that we DON'T do it - or at least, most of us don't. Some of us try...
- Trevor (Port Rowan in 1:64, where I try...)