Wednesday, September 14, 2016

New and Improved!

I'm retiring my old cordless Dremel tools.
These little guys have performed yeoman service for me for the last few years. But the batteries aren't holding a charge like they should and the bearings are not standing the test of time. Some how I doubt that this tool was really meant for the work outs I gave it.
But that's okay. I found something better.
The Dremel Micro #8050.
A better built tool with an integral battery. The stand is the charger. The bearings feel to be more robust. And those clever souls even incorporated LEDs in the head to illuminate the work surface.
5 speed settings and a nice ergonomic design.
See your local building supply outlet and check it out. I have to go and get another one next week.


Anonymous said...

Hi Pierre;

I've been looking for a small handheld motorized drill for a while now and will check the 8050 out.

I've got a dozen or so Westerfield kits that need to get built, so I'm wondering if you could share some tips for drilling into resin using a motor tool.




Pierre Oliver said...

Visit this website;
and watch the associated videos. Also in the comments on that video are links to where I get drill bits.
The best tip I can offer, is get good, sharp drill bits. Spend some money on them and they will last if you take care not to break them.
Cheap tools are just that. They will frustrate you and cost you money and time in the long run.

Anonymous said...

HI Pierre;

Thanks for the info.

BTW, I picked up an 8050 with all the trimmings today at Canadian Tire. They are on sale for 89.99. You might want to pick one up before the sale ends.