Monday, October 3, 2016

Backdropping Aylmer

My high school English teachers would be spinning out if they heard that expression, but it certainly describes the activity.
This afternoon I took a couple of hours to get the backdrop installed down the length of the Aylmer portion of the layout.
A simple frame of 1x1 was knocked together to support the backdrop material and screwed to the walls.
I could have affixed the backdrop right onto the wall paneling, but I want to make minimal impact upon this basement finish. I won't be living here for ever, and when it comes time to leave I want minimal effort required to get the basement back to it's original state. That same thinking applies to the lighting and the lack of a valance.
With the frames secured, 14" wide swathes of styrene were glued to the frames with the occasional temporary nail to hold it in place.
The seams will be puttied with autobody spot putty, which has performed very well on the other parts of the layout.
While that all sets up, the last of the rails will get spiked in place and then serious structure considerations will begin.

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