Monday, May 1, 2017

Ready for Paint

Well there it is. In all it's unpainted glory!.
The CPR single sheathed autocar.
I just finished the assembly of this pilot model, and it's in the paint shop with a coat of CPR freight car brown curing.
In a couple of days I can add the decals and we'll be set.
In the meantime, comes the ever so much fun process of writing instructions.
If resin casting production goes as I hope, I 'll have this kit ready for sale at the NE RPM in Enfield CT on the first week of June. And after that it will be available on the website.
This kit is the very first one for us that the pattern was fully developed on a CAD program and the parts rendered on a 3D printer. This technology has much to offer if handled properly. We had a few object lessons on the way. It turns out that an inch is not always the same from printer to printer. Big shocker there.
There will be more kits coming this year taking advantage of the 3D printing technology.
The ACL O-18-B and a few of the AC&F boxcars with proprietary roofs and/or ends. And a few surprises along the way as well.
As always watch this blog, the website and various Yahoo groups for announcements.

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