Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Why, oh why?

Do people do this?
 I have no idea what adhesive/glue this is, but I've seen it before and I'm baffled.
There's no need to use anything other than CA for assembling resin. In controlled amounts.
Whatever this stuff was it also had the ability to eat into the resin if a large quantity was applied.
Some glue!
So I'm spending a couple of hours sanding and scraping this sh** off so I can reassemble this car properly.
Yes, I'm cranky about it!

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CVSNE said...

Looks like old, dried out epoxy?
Or perhaps some sort of contact cement - like good ole' Walther's Goo. I remember back in the early days of resin kits, someone (John Nehrich, as I recall) recommended using Goo to both temporarily "tack" the resin components in place and also use it as a gap filler of sorts. the idea was you would use the Goo to get the pieces lined up and then go back with CA and "lock" everything in place.*

No matter what it is, good luck.


*Not in any way advocating this approach!