Friday, August 17, 2018

It's official! Over a dozen of these brutes now.

Just applied flat finish to these 3.
The famous, or infamous, Sunshine Models Vinegar tank car.
Each one of these will get weathered to a different level, suggesting different ages of tanks.
Still working out how I want to proceed with that task. Silver is a tricky colour to weather.
I have a few ideas gestating.
As the title states it is indeed more than 12 of these kits I've now assembled.
While there is a lot of parts to play with, my decision years ago to have steel tubes milled to a specific size for a core for the tank, was a sanity saver. It gives the car weight and a true round surface to affix the wrapper to. From there it's a simple matter, (while somewhat prolonged process) of fitting the tank to the frame and it's supports. The one piece frame saves the assembly process from being a true nightmare.
Once the flat finish cures I'll start flinging the dirt.
Stay tuned

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