Monday, February 4, 2019

3 more for the home team

Just got these 3 kits all finished up and on the layout.

These are Westerfield #12851 kits of Southern Pacific B-50-15 boxcars.
They are reissues of Sunshine Models kits from the #38.xx series.
The kits have been upgraded and improved.
They are now a one piece body casting which greatly simplifies assembly. The kit also includes some etched details from Yarmouth Model Works, (one of my favorite parts suppliers).
I did substitute the cast resin running boards with laser cut wood running boards, I find they look better.
The cars were weathered with my new favorite mediums, AK Interactive weathering washes and streaking mediums.
The only glitch was the decals. And I'd forgotten that there was this issue.
The decals were printed using an ink that is resistant to all known setting solutions, now this wasn't a problem on the sides, as these are steel sided cars, but on the end the decals refusal to conform over the ribs required a little fudging on location to get them to lay flat. I've since talked to Andrew Dahm and he's looking at alternatives.
I'm very pleased with how these cars turned out and would not hesitate to recommend this kit to anyone.

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