Friday, March 8, 2019

Bringing up the rear

These two cabooses just emerged from the shop, to take their place on the caboose track, while they await crews and their trains.
Built from kits offered by American Model Builders, these 2 laser cut kits were an absolute delight to put together.
Well engineered laser cut kits area shear joy to work on, everything fits as it should, nice crisp detail. What more could one want?
The finishing of these 2 cabooses presented one minor problem. One that I was frankly rather surprised about. With the huge popularity of the Southern Pacific in the modeling community, I was surprised that no one offers decals specifically for this class of caboose.
Fortunately the solution was rather simple.
I used Speedwitch Media SP boxcar decals. Simple solution.
Weathered the heck out of them with washes and some overspray, and they're ready for service.

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