Sunday, November 22, 2020

Flat car decks, a better way?

 Following the lead of my friend Ted Culotta, I've got a new way of painting flat car decks. And I'm very pleased with the results.
I used to like the results I got from using oil paints, but this approach is simpler, quicker and visually more pleasing.

We start by painting a base colour of a tan, light brown or some such. In this case I used Tamiya Wooden deck tan. A flat paint is important for the following steps

Once that has dried, it's time for Pan Pastels
First pass over the entire deck was Raw Umber, applied using a cheap makeup sponge
Random coverage is desired

Next is Payne's Grey

Followed by basic Black

The process is quick, and very controllable. Density of colour can be increased by making multiple passes

Now all I have to do is finish up the loads for these cars.
More on that in the coming months
It's gonna be super cool

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John Huey said...

These look pretty nice. I need to get off my butt and do some of my own cars like this; thanks for the inspiration.