Sunday, June 27, 2021

Caboose progess and a new skill/technique/material

 As the photos will attest, great progress on the trio of CPR vans.
Interiors painted. Who doesn't love that nasty, nasty green?

 And the bodies and cupolas fully assembled

To be able to fully assemble the cupolas, the sliding sash had to be glazed before it was sandwiched within the laminations.
For this project, at the request of one of the clients, I decided to try glazing the windows with microscope slide covers.
The slide covers and the diamond tipped scriber were acquired easily off of Amazon, and delivered in such record time.
I had discussed the process of cutting the glass with my pal Trevor and I went for it.

I have to say I'm a convert.

The process is easy and the results are stunning.
The key is a very clean work surface under the glass being cut and to make one pass only with the scriber. The glazing was secured in place using Microscale Crystal Clear as an adhesive

Nothing looks like glass, other than glass.
There will be a lot more of this in my future.

Now for the brass frames, and all the fiddly bits underneath


Ben Sullivan said...

Very cool technique. Could you provide a link to the scribing tool you used? Thank you!

Pierre Oliver said...


DandHColonieMain said...

Whenever I try and scribe microscope glass using a diamond-tipped cutter, it still usually fractures. I have about a 20% success rate. Whatever your technique is, I would love to hear it.

Pierre Oliver said...

A few hints DandH
work on a clean self healing cutting matt
Use very light pressure
Make but one pass with the scriber
Try and have relatively new glass. Old glass can be troublesome

Greg Amer said...

Glass looks great. I live the nasty green interior too.