Saturday, July 1, 2023

New items in time for the St Louis RPM

 It's been both frustrating and exciting in the YMW shops.

For reasons I won't go into, the website for the Modelu figures has been delayed many months. At this time I still don't know when the website will be active.
However I will have a selection of Modelu figures available for sale at the St Louis RPM at the end of this month.

In the good news department, we have 5 new kits that will be released at the St Louis RPM.
The first 3 were originally Sunshine Models kits that have been reworked. Made into one piece bodies and have had custom photoetch details created along with new running boards and all new decal artwork from National Scale Car.

YMW-137 SP B-50-12A

YMW-138 NYC 40' steel rebuild

YMW-139 NYC 1 1/2 door raised roof rebuild

And 2 all new resin kits. One piece resin cast bodies, custom etchings , TMW trucks and all new decal artwork from National Scale Car

YMW-140 Great Northern 50' rebuild single door

YMW-141 Great Northern 50' rebuild double door

Each kit will retail for $65.00 USD and will be available through the website shortly after the RPM

And as a wee bit of a teaser
Here's a shot of a project we've been working away on slowly for a couple of years now;

A helium tank car kit.
This has been a tricky project trying to get the details just right.
At this time we're looking at multimedia kit, pressure cast resin components, photoetch side sheets, laser cut running boards and 3D printed trucks.
No firm release date as yet, too many variables in the various supply chains, but I'm hoping early next year.

See you in St Louis!


Anonymous said...

Nice models, and I salute your candor saying that they represent cars Sunshine did previously. Some modelers will redirect to a car they don't already have.

Bill Vaughn said...

Can you give me some info on when the GN cars were rebuilt and how long they lasted.

Bill Vaughn

Pierre Oliver said...

Rebuilding occurred 53-54. They lasted well into the late 60s, early 70s

Lou N said...

Thanks for the update Pierre, I have a list ready for detail parts when I see you in St Louis.


Matt Savage said...

I took time off work, I'm trying to get back into my hobby, I look forward to meeting you and others that I have corresponded with in St. Louis!

Ron Merrick said...

Caught one of the GN single door rebuilds in Wichita 1970, painted Glacier Green.

Anonymous said...

Any kits in development for O scale?