Thursday, May 23, 2013

Panic in Needle Park!

The Sky is Falling, The Sky is Falling!
Take your pick.
By now you've probably heard that Testors is ceasing production of Floquil, Pollyscale, Model Masters and other hobby related paints. Sad but true.
It would appear that the new corporate masters, Rustoleum, are consolidating and condensing operations and product lines. In part they are blaming the steady increase of RTR products and a decline of modelers who actually paint their models.
Well I know of a few thousand modelers who would beg to differ, but who are we against the great corporate behemoth?
Personally, I'm not surprised. Disappointed and a little irritated, but I will live. On the upside I was entertained by the customers who have suddenly bombarded my local hobby shop with paint orders for Floquil. Too bad that it will be almost impossible for the orders to be filled.
I was there buying up a supply for myself.
The general tone I've been hearing is, 'What are we to do?".
Simple, try something else. While I for one can't stand working with acrylics, many people get great results. Try Scalecoat, or Tru-Color. This decision by Testors will be a boon for the other 2 I've mentioned.
Now I know that for Canadians, getting solvent based model paints is hard. None of the carriers seem to be able to carry it across the border.
And yet USPS will mail Scalecoat within the continental 48. Now there's a puzzler for you!
Anyway, the long and the short of it for me is, we will adapt and move on. I have my methods for getting what I need and if need be I'll learn to use some new products.
There are no problems, only solutions.

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