Friday, June 28, 2013

4 more for The Gallery

I just finished painting and weathering these 4 O scale brass cars for a client

The 40' cars are all Protocraft imports. Very nice models, with all of the proper details in place. The cars were painted with Trucolor paints at the clients request. A model paint which is actually an ink but goes on very well. The weathering was done with a mix of sprays, oils and PanPastels.
I have mixed feelings about O scale. I appreciate the high quality of detail possible, but the real estate these guys occupy...


George Losse said...

Nice work!

You should think about O scale. We could use another resin manufacturer.

George Losse

Pierre Oliver said...

Thanks George, but I'll leave the O scale kits for my friend Jon at Southern Car & Foundry. He has a MKT car and 32 ARA cars coming, as well as some O scale versions of his tankcars in the works.