Monday, October 21, 2013

The 20th Anniversary RPM in Naperville

Hard to believe that it's been 20 years.
Martin Lofton started the Prototype Modelers Seminars all those years ago. A gathering of like minded prototype modelers who shared ideas, techniques and prototype data in the interests of creating more accurate models and model railroads. People travel from all over to enjoy the camaraderie and the exchange of knowledge. From far away as Hawaii and Germany at times.
This year's meet maintained the tradition of fun and excellence.
For me, the event is as much about the clinics and the display models, as it is about catching up with old friends.  I can email the many fellows I get to chat with, but nothing compares to actually sharing a beer and having a few chuckles.
And a big thank you goes out to Bill Daranby, who again invited me and a few other friends to operate on his Maumee Route. That alone is worth the trip. 10 scale miles of model railroad! Awesome!
You know that I'll be going back next year.
Thanks to Joe D'Elia for making this happen.

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