Sunday, January 19, 2014

Sea Trials Part I

Moving forward. Ever forward.
Trevor Marshall and Gerry Schaefer were here for the day to help me play with the timetable. With Trevor's invaluable assistance we took the original Cayuga Sub time table,
and modified it using real timings from running trains on the layout.
That data was then transposed onto a "layout" timetable and a few trains run.
The stations in red are the actual modeled locations. We found that 4:1 fast clock works well for the distances involved. There are a few nuances to still work out but we are now within striking distance of actually running the full schedule.
It is worth noting that there are at least 5 extras, way freights and Red Balls, still to be incorporated into the mix.
And of course as soon as we start running things for real the gremlins come out. So there are a few things to fix as well.
But I'm super happy.


Anonymous said...

Next stop......Great Model Railroads.


Pierre Oliver said...

Thanks! Tell Tony! :-)