Thursday, February 19, 2015

USPS or Canada Post?

Not sure who gets the blame for this one.
I had mailed out an order of etched parts to a customer weeks ago. After a couple of weeks he contacted me to say that he had yet to receive his order.
 I assured him that his order had been mailed and that sometimes between the post offices and the border, mail can be slow. But if he hadn't received his order by the end of that week to contact me and I would send the order again.
Which I wound up doing.
I got an email from the customer yesterday. The replacement order arrived late last week and the original order yesterday.
Way to be postal services.
And to his credit the customer kept both orders and quickly paid me for the second order. It's forthrightness like that, that can make ones day.
Now if we can just get the posties sorted out.

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PRR2277 said...

No offense to those folks who work at USPS, but I've had a lot of mail lost or arrive total destroyed in the last year. Dunno what it is, but it seems to be happening here in the States (can't speak for Canada - haven't lived near Toronto in over 32 years). Interesting note: my membership application & check to the TH&BHS was "lost in the mail" recently (go figure).