Sunday, March 29, 2015

Welcome to the new abode!

The new home of Elgin Car Shops, Yarmouth Model Works and the HO scale iteration of the Wabash in Ontario.
3 days, the help of some good friends, one moving van, and countless ascents and descents of staircases carrying far too much stuff culminates in, we're moved in.
And I'm pooped.
Fortunately there's a concert to work on Thursday, so I'll get a day off.
Have a look see.
First the designated layout space.

The first view is looking north and the second looking south. The pool table is leaving Monday. It's 13' x 40' space. Right now the thinking on the layout will call for 3 levels around the walls, single lap helices in opposite corners to help with the climb between levels and some clever work for staging. This idea will allow me to open the distances between the towns and give a better feel of traveling distances. This approach will give me over 300' of mainline, which will approach some 5 scale miles. Not bad.
Next the shop space.

I have to cut a doorway through where the fireplace screen is resting. Have all that nasty plumbing cleaned up. Strap and drywall 3 walls and then bring in a bunch of work surfaces and shelving. I've already acquired much of the cabinets. Where would we be without IKEA?
And lastly.
In the other side of the basement, this is where the office, computer and crew lounge will be located. I'd happily lose the fireplace, but it's holding up the fireplace in the living room and Kate would be irked if that went away.
So the unpacking begins and in a couple of days serious construction to get the shops working again. The layout probably won't get underway for about a year. Time, budget, other projects, etc. But I'm feeling positive.
Stay tuned.


Ryan Mendell said...

Congratulations on the move. Setting up a work shop is got to be one of my favourite things to do. There is nothing better when working on a project to have enough space for all of ones tools such that they are all setup and ready to go when called on, vs. having to drag it out and find a space and the extension cord etc, etc, Good luck and have fun.

Trevor said...

It's very exciting, Pierre - a clean slate, just waiting for you to fill it!
I'm glad to hear the move happened and that you're now in the new place. Nice to have all that packing behind you: Unpacking is definitely more fun.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Trevor. Unpacking is much more fun. I am just getting a good start on the packing stage. One advantage I have is that a bunch of my stuff is still in boxes from our last move! No, I'm not going to tell you how long ago that was!


Maynard Stowe said...

Looks like a great space to resetup in. If only you modeled steam era Wabash the fire-place could be a fire-box.