Wednesday, April 1, 2015

It's like peeling an onion

Revealing layers upon layers.
For longtime followers of this blog, you'll know that the fate of the Aylmer station has been a bit of a mystery.

In the time frame I model, 1951, the station is gone. Passenger tickets and express freight are handled in the freight shed just south of where the station was. The operator works from the elevated crossing shanty which also protects the level crossing. Train orders are hooped from the crossing tower which had the train order board relocated to, as shown in period surveys.
I've been curious to know when and why the station was removed and the search has been long and varied.
But that's where the web comes in.
My online friend, Jeffery Smith, has come to my aid on this one. Jeff has spent much of his own time uncovering tasty little tidbits for me on the Cayuga Sub. And his latest email to me uncovers part of the Aylmer mystery.
Removal of the station building at Aylmer was authorized by Board of Railway Commissioners of Canada Order 59638, September 10, 1940.
Now we just need to know why. 


Anonymous said...

Maybe a train derailed and destroyed the station? This happened at Keene on the Campbellford Sub. in the late 1950's, and CN got leave from the BTC to not replace it.

Shame that we cannot look online at BTC accident reports to find out.

Steve Lucas.

Pierre Oliver said...

Now that I have a date, the inquiry can be renewed. I plane to contact an ex-mayor who is still with us who may be able to shed light on the deal.