Monday, November 23, 2015

Another Pleasant Valley Sunday..

One of the great joys of this hobby, for me at least , is the friendships that grow from shared interests.
One of my best friends in the hobby, lives 2.5 hours away and yet Trevor Marshall and I always find ways to share this hobby. With each other and others.
It's also joyful when new friends get made as a result of internet dialogues and such
Yesterday, I drove into Toronto and met up with a new friend, and took him to Trevor's for a few hours of operations on the Port Rowan branch. With trains successfully dealt with it was off to Harbord House for a delightful lunch and then we ran out to Credit Valley Railway for a hobby shop fix.
All of this was new for our guest. While he'd been in Toronto many times for work, he'd not yet been properly exposed to the model train world that exists in the "Big Smoke".
Our guest was Michael Gross. Well known actor/director.
Here he is, with Trevor, switching Port Rowan and enjoying Trevor's stunning layout.
We all had a great day, and I can now add another soul to my list of "train buddies".
Hopefully Michael's work schedule will permit him to visit my house soon.


Jim Fawcett said...

Wooo hooo, look at you guys!... who's next, Rod Stewart?... very neat thing... must have been a blast... always liked his broad array of work, although he'll always be Alex P. Keaton's dad from "Family Ties"

Trevor said...

Thanks for arranging the day, and for doing all that driving!
I had a great time and you're right: it's the friendships that grow from this shared interest that are the greatest thing about this hobby.
I look forward to our next get-together (And work continues apace on the guest room – so, hopefully, you’ll soon have a place to stay when you’re in the city.)
- Trevor (Port Rowan in 1:64)

Michael Gross said...

Thanks so much, Pierre, for making this day happen, for introducing me to Trevor and the best of Canadian model railroading, and for the opportunity to purchase one of your new, exquisite 12-panel AT&SF box cars. A pleasure from beginning to end. Looking forward to following your blog and your progress. Cheers! Michael