Sunday, November 15, 2015

So here's the way it works around here

Yarmouth Model Works and Elgin Car Shops are my 2 businesses. And they are solo efforts. I have no staff. It's just me. And I can get very busy.
Along with those 2 businesses, I'm also a stagehand/entertainment rigger. I work mostly in London at the Budweiser Gardens. The work schedule is erratic at best. But I enjoy it and it suits my temperament.
So on the rare occasions when I don't ship orders out straight away, there's usually a good reason. And if there is a delay, I try to email the client of such a delay, but I don't always remember to.
If you find that I'm not responding quickly to an email, it could be that I'm on the road to an RPM. Or in the midst of a 20 hour work day for some touring show. Or even, heaven forbid, I'm taking a little me time.
Be patient. I always honour my commitments.
If you've placed an order and don't see it within the timeframe you were expecting, please do send me an email. I will respond.
And orders have been lost in the mail.
But if you are going to email me with a concern, at least give me some time to respond before you initiate a dispute through Paypal. That's just not cool.
Frankly it's rather insulting to get an email asking about an order and 2 minutes later getting an email from Paypal telling me that a dispute as been initiated and the funds are now on hold.
Just saying people.

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N. E. Pete said...

Ah, Bill Mauldin's Willie and Joe. I read my Dad's copy of his "Up Front" when I was a kid.