Saturday, April 2, 2016

A Shout out for Accurail!

Those people at Accurail are pretty incredible.
They offer a very nice product at a very reasonable price. As an entry level kit the Accurail cars can not be beat. A nice selection, well executed. even though it's mostly molded on detail, with a little weathering some very credible models come forth.
And the option of buying cars with just dimensional data is brilliant.
I'm decaling up 18 of these hoppers for a client. He wanted them lettered for his own road, so the dimensional data option was perfect for him. He had custom decals created which made the job much simpler for me.
And it's kind of ironic. Just the other day, Monday in fact, I was talking to friend about how nice these models are. A modeler wanting to fill out a fleet quickly with interim quality models, presuming the plan is to upscale to resin later, can't go wrong with the Accurail offerings.
Some will remember I used an Accurail Double Door boxcar as a basis for kitbash a few years ago.
Accurail is well worth a closer look.

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Colin 't Hart said...

Definitely agree! I got into the hobby seriously around 15 years ago, after having some HO scale train sets as a teenager. Accurail was my "Athearn blue box"... but a better quality version. So much so that even today when I've moved on to more advanced modeling, I still find it difficult to resist picking up some of their new releases.