Friday, April 1, 2016

New Items from Yarmouth Model Works

There are 3 new items from Yarmouth Model Works to tell you about today.
First up;
YMW #255 laser cut 40' wooden running boards with laterals and etched braces.
After a couple of requests I decided to make these available as separate parts. These are the same running boards that we use in our NP '37 kit and we include etched braces to help solve the pesky lateral mounting issue.
YMW # 371 - etched Tank Car Straps. 0.030" wide x 3.75" long
 YMW # 372 - etched Tank Car Straps. 0.040" wide x 3.75" long

These we're quite excited about. Etched from 0.005" phosphor bronze, these items will be a huge leap forward from the fragile styrene or resin straps people have used over the years. By simply soldering a short piece of wire to each end, a very secure and robust method of attaching tanks to their frames will result.
These strips will also come in real handy for a large variety of other detailing jobs. Lateral supports, brake step supports, custom make your own sill steps, etc.
All of these items will be up on the website, later today and inventory is in hand for shipping.
What models have you got that have been waiting for just these items?

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