Wednesday, July 13, 2016

It's Gems like this

That make my work such a pleasure.
This is an O scale Chooch Ultra-scale resin kit all finished and ready to deliver.
The workmanship in the patterns is exquisite. They even went so far as to include the interiors of the ice bunkers. Who does that?!
So has a result the hatches just had to be open.
The kit is full of specifically designed injection molded parts. Ice hatches and hardware, sill steps, ladders, corner brackets, door latch bars, and underside bolt straps. All of which go towards creating a stunning kit.
It's too bad that Chooch has ceased his O scale kit line. I'd happily build stuff of this quality every day.

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Trevor said...

If you built stuff like that every day, eventually you would be hauling your HO scale home layout to the dump and building an O scale layout. Be glad there's not as much fun stuff available in the other scales...
- Trevor (Port Rowan in 1:64)