Thursday, August 18, 2016

Aylmer benchwork

It's been a chaotic week. We have the final week of rehearsals for Ice Age on Ice this week, so my schedule is all over the place.
But with most mornings off, I've been making a little sawdust.
As a result all the benchwork for Aylmer proper is now in place.
Construction is my usual boxframe of 1x3 pine with 5/8" fir ply on top. It could have all been done in one day but other tasks called me away. Instead this was stretched out over 4 days.
The brown paper track plan is now laid back in place for a final review.
Next week I'll have to go and buy 3 sheets of Homasote for this scene and then it'll be ties, ties and more ties. Good thing that I restocked from my friends at Mount Albert Scale Lumber. This town will likely eat up almost as many ties as the St Thomas yard did.
Now that I'm over on this side of the room, I've also realized that curtains are needed. The glare from the morning sun is unbearable and won't be good for any of the models. So as I write this, the "Boss" is shopping for cheap drape material.

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