Wednesday, August 24, 2016

More little bitty bits of wood.

I get asked a lot about how I can build models all day for others and not burnout or neglect my own projects. Well it's not easy, but every now and then I just switch off the custom building and focus on my own stuff.
The last week as been a good example. Before and after the St Louis RPM I was quite busy with a show at the arena and very little model train work got done at all. I was planning on returning to the workbench Monday after we had loaded the Ice Age show onto it's trucks Sunday evening. But I got a "Help me" call from TrainMasters TV. A planned guest called in sick and a quick replacement was needed. So there went Monday. In fact with all the driving to and from the studio and the stress from throwing together a quick few episodes, there went Tuesday as well.
So instead of trying to focus on resin projects I had a few days of me time.
All the ties are now in place in Aylmer.
And in between setting up strips of ties, I  fiddled with some modular wall sections to create a factory for St Thomas. I'll tell more about that once I have more progress accomplished.
With the ties glued in they're ready for sanding and staining. I've also been taking mental pictures of where all the structures are going to go. It's been a very useful exercise.
With the sense of accomplishment I now have, I'm feeling a little more energized and ready to get back to the work bench and take care of my customers needs.

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