Thursday, June 6, 2019

Now this is COOL!

After the delightful and successful NERPM last weekend, I popped up to Montreal to family and friends.
Mom and I took in our traditional meal of Smoked Meat sandwiches at "Moes" in Pointe Claire, heaven on rye.
On the way home I spotted this;

Now I know how the planned LRT system is addressing the right of way issues.
Clever fellows!
I'm only sorry I didn't have time to watch the beast in action.
Now I gotta hand it to the planners in Montreal. They have done so much over the decades improving mass transit within the Montreal Urban Community.
This LRT will run partially on existing track as well as on new right of ways.
It's designed to link with the subways and bus routes, connect to the airport and make great strides in resolving Montreal's gridlock.
Somebody should tell Toronto and Ontario about this group effort

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