Wednesday, May 29, 2019

That looks a little better

A little scene that I am working on for the layout is a pile trestle that crosses a small water course.
Here's the prototype inspiration.

I used 2 of the good ole Campbell Scale Models "Ballasted Deck Pile Trestle" kits to create a bridge of a more accurate length.

But after I built it and installed it on the layout, I realized that the retaining walls at the ends had a ridiculously steep angle of repose for the back fill.
So today I carefully cut the retaining walls out, grabbed some scale lumber and laid out new retaining walls with a 45 degree angle of repose and glued that to the piles.
Once the glue had set, I carefully chiseled off the original planks and glued the retaining walls back in place.
That looks a little more realistic!

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